About The Program

About the Program

The Process

Dreamfar High School Marathon (DHSM) follows the academic calendar.

The Off-Season

DHSM unofficially begins during the summer months when recruitment for new schools to join the program starts; though this process is ongoing throughout the entire school year.

Mentor Recruitment

One of the most valuable aspects of the program is the relationship built between the mentors and the students. Mentors train with the students and go through the same aches and pains. Mentors are teachers within the school as well as screened community members. Mentors must go through a specially designed mentor training program. DHSM runs background checks on all mentors/volunteers.

Student Recruitment

Student recruitment begins in early September. Technically this is also considered the off-season but it is officially the beginning of the school year. The mix of students we recruit and those who are attracted to the program is what contributes to the program’s richness and success.

Training Begins

Training officially begins in October. Completing one mile is the first of many goals the students will accomplish. Each school trains in their own neighborhood during the week; starting in December all the participating schools come together and meet as one team: Dreamfar High School Marathon!

Giving Back

DHSM students are taught the importance of volunteering. They are asked to volunteer with different running organizations throughout the season. Whether it’s to assemble goodie bags or actually man a race day water stop, our students learn the importance of giving back to the community. This opportunity often opens doors for students who want to give back and volunteer in other ways.

The Starting Line

There is no place on earth as empowering as the starting line of a marathon. This is where all the hard work, dedication and perseverance meet. The students have met their goals along the way and are ready for one final test.

The Finish Line

There are tears of joy at the finish line for many reasons. The finish line brings the greatest sense of accomplishment. It also proves to the students that they can in fact do just about anything they put their mind to and that they are willing to work hard for.

Beyond The Finish Line

To date, all Dreamfar High School Marathon students have graduated high school and 95% of our graduating seniors have gone to college. Our underclassmen usually come back to train for a second or even a third marathon. The possibilities are endless!!!