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DREAMFAR'S - Road to Success


Dreamfar continues to empower high school students by sharing the “gifts of the marathon”. Gifts come wrapped in so many different packages – for some it is the gift of confidence and for others it is the gift of improved health; for all it is feeling connected, welcome, respected and accepted! Stay tuned for 2018 highlights…


Global Learning Charter School joined the Southcoast area Dreamfar program. Dreamfar also becomes partners with Mass Mentoring Partnership and is now classified as a quality-based mentoring program. Almost every Saturday during the winter months of our training season it snowed – Dreamfar students and mentors persevered and 120 high school students crossed the finish line of the Providence Marathon! Dreamfar added the Newton 10K road race to its program.


DREAMFAR is excited to share the news - we are piloting a new program in the Southcoast area of Massachusetts; Dartmouth High, City on a Hill and Old Regional Rochester High have joined the program. The students will train in the Southcoast region and join the Boston area teams for races and special events. DREAMFAR also welcomes ABCD Dorchester and Match Charter High School in Boston. We are currently working with 15 Massachusetts high schools. Two more DREAMFAR students will be completing their fourth year in the DREAMFAR program - these students have been afforded the opportunity to run in the Boston Marathon. Inclusion is at the forefront of DREAMFAR, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Partners for Youth with Disabilities!


The program welcomed three new schools: Arlington High, and Boston Public Schools, Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA) and Madison Park. After training through the snowiest winter on record in Boston, 110 students completed the program and raced in Providence. Two of these students raced for the fourth time making them the first DREAMFAR students to complete a marathon in each of their four years of high school.


DREAMFAR welcomed Needham High and three new Boston Public Schools: Dorchester Academy, Tech Boston Academy, and West Roxbury Academy. A partnership with the brand-new Brookline Teen Center gave DREAMFAR an official new Saturday “home”. Behind the scenes, the program hosted its inaugural DREAMFAR Breakfast of Champions, which honored Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray. The program is able to hire its first full-time staff members and looks forward to training a team of 100+ students.


Mary Lyon, another Boston Public School, and Medford High joined DREAMFAR; eighty students experienced the gifts of the marathon. DREAMFAR made great strides in the running community, organizing its first official race, the Dreamfar 10K, and partnering with the John Hancock Non-Profit Boston Marathon program.


Two Boston Public Schools—Urban Science Academy & Charlestown High—joined DREAMFAR; the team was 55 students strong. Thanks to a significant award, DREAMFAR was able to officially hire a part-time Executive Director and two part-time Coaches.


Newton South was joined by Newton North (a rare occurrence in Newton). The program grew three-fold, training 27 students to run in Providence. 2010-2011 DREAMFAR obtained 501(c)3 non-profit status. Brookline and Sharon High Schools joined the DREAMFAR family and DREAMFAR formed a partnership with the Mentor Connection in Newton, MA. Thirty-nine students toed the starting line in Providence.


DREAMFAR was introduced in Newton South in 2008 as an after-school club by Jamie Chaloff, a special education teacher with a vision of helping students that fall through the cracks. In 2009, nine students successfully crossed the finish line of the Cox Providence Marathon and their lives were forever changed. After completing the marathon, eight of the students stepped way out of their comfort zone and took a leadership role to serve on the board of the newly constructed Chestnut Street Teen Center in Newton.

DREAMFAR is honored to have received grants from Carol M. White Physical Education Program http://www2.ed.gov/programs/whitephysed/2011awards.html and from Road Runners Club of America, Kids Run the Nation Program http://www.rrca.org/services/news-entry/2011-kids-run-the-nation-grants/